Hungarian Gypsy Music

Hungarian Gypsy Music
   Apart from the groups playing what is popularly regarded as Gypsy music in Hungary, such as waltzes and polkas by Strauss, there is also a strong singing tradition among the Vlah clans in the country. This includes slow songs for listening and fast songs for dancing. The slow song (loki gili) is often sung in harmony when others join in with the soloist, often improvising the words. The dance song (khelimaski gili) is used for the Gypsy csar-das, and much of the text consists of nonsense syllables (mouth music). They are accompanied by other singers imitating various instruments such as the double bass and percussion (snapping fingers, spoons, etc.). Finally there are the "stick songs," which usually have short verses and accompany stick and other solo dances (csapás). Groups such as Kalyi Jag, playing a type of folk rock, have become popular among both Gypsies and Hungarians.

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